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The First Last Show


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Gleaming behind a glass of temptation,
A specimen of beauty and comfort’s equation.
Silently calling out to embrace my amateur feet,
Alluring my eloquence refurbishing from raw to neat.

Angel’s satchel is full of greens and metals,
Yet penniless for the wish that runs my pulse.
Delight for prying eyes; more worthy than a true smile,
A sinful joy deceased in a dusty Norm-file.

Endless nights of secretly dreaming the not-to-be-dreamt,
Kissing the morning sun with a leap of hope and faith.
Fight to the top; where the world can see,
What I can be when I am the best in Me.

None would feel until they stop seeing me through,
Though; only a dream would make a dream feel so true.
Now I shall live long enough to tell a beautiful tale,
About the gleaming ballerinas dancing on my grave.

The Mime in the Mirror

Girl on Mirror 3 Ann-Mari Broman

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Spilt Coffee beans, undone bed and a wreckless room,

Was once a past that succumbed to an organized present.

What remains is considerably new lip bloom,

And a dress unwillingly unused like a give-away present.

Eyes shut in an ambiguously crowded park,

Soft screams of the wind as it plays with my hair.

Maybe I am being watched by mocking eyes in the dark,

Or could be another pair like mine on his favourite chair.

Was peaceful in my rendezvous until you demanded my attention,

Saying words of love like you saw me grow each day.

A moment of stronger fancies lured me out of so-called detention,

While you disappeared changing me on an unusual Christmas day.

Although my calendar circled dates to put on my best ensemble,

The lip glitter that would shine again with my smile and no fear.

As I look into the mirror covering my scarred heart; I fumbled,

I hope I am not looking at another mime in the mirror.



Picture Courtesy: http://www.walltor.com

Evening picture art from a shapely window,

Broken latches clinging with windy guests arrival.

One step at a time walks the new widow,

Pale and fragile, senseless with hopeless revival.

  The moment of frenzy arrived with sorrow,

Wiping the stains on the dress; once was; for wedding ritual.

Visibly numb, chaos in mind, thoughts hollow,

Seconds erasing words, dumb and no more lingual.

Grey suit and cocky smile, nothing to be borrowed,

Past shades of insanity with love blessed and mutual.

Blooming in the veins and chords to the depths of marrow,

Nourishing world’s crime adapted from their ruling manual.

She is vile, appalling yet docile to follow,

Declared the walls that witnessed truth so brutal.

Forgave love for the sweet punishment,

While she sat in her beautiful stained dress, waiting to be reincarnated…


20121010-015134 PM.jpg

The murky holes with every leap everywhere,
Leaves no clocky ticks to survive and spare.
Your will is your magical broom,
You are an epitome of light to kill the gloom.

The giant waves with every drift everywhere,
Engulfs every offspring of fear affair.
Your strength is your mighty oar,
You are an epitome of a storm-fighter who has a louder roar.

The swamp of slavish pricks with every uplift everywhere,
Burries deep alive into a submissive stone fair.
Your happiness is your embracing smile,
You are an epitome of a rescuer who gives life to every futile.

Fly, enchant and laugh not too rare,
For your existence with a soulful life is a reason to care.
Look forward and you would find it there…
That you are an epitome for someone,somehow,somewhere…

Pillow closet

20121005-124544 PM.jpg

I sink my head every night,
With thoughts so heavy to my plight.
A support to every little girl,
It moulds the way I want it to curl.

It lives a slow death with every punch,
Of anger or certainty of desperate longing crush.
It seeps in every tear that hides all day,
And locks the wet secrets until the morning of a new day.

It breathes with me as the lights turn out,
Stores my screams with a deep sunken shout.
It locks away all the secrets that I share,
Would never let the world know I feel so spare.

I know you would never lay an emotional trap,
Because you can store as many thoughts I want to tap.
You were always there for me since my cradle days,
To just keep my secrets in your closet to never remind me of them in anyway.

Astha-The Frozen Vividity:

Daniel has written this inspirational post that I want everybody to read because it’s never too late…

Originally posted on Daniel J Davis:

I’ve crammed a lot into my 38 years. Over a decade in the military, two wars, travel to five continents, a crippling disease, surgeries, recovery. All of those things happened to me without even really thinking about them, and in the case of my illness, without my permission. I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately. So much of my life, and yours I suspect, just ‘happens.’ We don’t make it happen. And sometimes we find ourselves at life’s midway point without really having done the things we truly love, and very rarely saying ‘yes’ to real happiness.

It’s very hard to say ‘yes’ to things in life. There is a chance that we might hear a ‘no.’ Maybe we will be rejected, hurt. Maybe we will fail.

But life can’t start until you say ‘yes.’ It is saying ‘yes’ that makes us grow, makes us learn, and makes life…

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