Versatile Blogger Award ^_^

Firstly, I want to give my apologies (for posting this so late) to Asifa  who happens to be this sweet person who nominated me first for this award! :-)

She is amazingly versatile and true to the award’s significance ;-)

Here is the link you can check out Asifa’s blog and have a way informative  and an enjoyable read!

Meanwhile there is another sweet man who nominated me for this award i.e Vibhas Kaushal! :-)  and here is the link to his blog :

Emo Uncle as I call him can move you with his poetry and he is great at what he does!  :-)

So that makes it 1+1=2 Awards ^_^

As per the rules of the nomination of this award:

1. Post the link of the person who has nominated me for the award-Check!

2. Post the image-Check!

3. Nominate 15 bloggers-ummm not yet 15 but still I hate pending work… so Check! :-P

4. Write 7 things about myself-Check!

Bloggers I would love love love to nominate are:

  1. Matt :
  2. Carley :
  3. Parry :
  4. Cyril Cliffette :
  5. Terence Jones :
  6. MesAyah :
  7. Vikram Roy :
  8. Celeste Alluvial :
  10. David Landgrebe :
  11. J. Young :
  12. Samantha Craft :
  13. Ray :

7  Things about Me:

  1. I am a book worm and specifically have a special taste for murder mysteries :-P
  2. I love watching horror movies no matter what time of the day I get a chance to.
  3. I rant a lot about stuffs sometimes, only to end up getting embarrassed every time I do that.
  4. Tissues are a must for me while watching emotional movies…I am bound to shed tears even after the movie is long finished! :-s
  5. I am a lazy bum and at the same time can’t stick in one place for long! Contradictory..? I know :-P
  6. I love music and dancing ^_^
  7. Last…I am a Confused soul! Biggest confession :-p
Phew!! I so hate talking about myself :-P

P.S : I haven’t mentioned 15 Bloggers yet but I think I have done reasonably good :-P …..but I would keep updating ^_^

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About Astha-The Frozen Vividity

I am 23 wait...24! (damn!!) and my name is Astha Kumar aaah! usual introduction! I am another puppet on the roll exploring every phase of life as they come just like any other person! Graduated in BMM and Masters in Marketing from a UK university...working in an d agency :D Writing for me is the only time I pen down my thoughts, feelings and it's the time when I'm true from within and eloquent about my whims and fancies that germinate over time... I am extremely passionate about ballroom dancing and music that justifies my mood and imaginations ;) View all posts by Astha-The Frozen Vividity

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